Multicultural Jubilee




Friday 11/20



Here comes the grand Multicultural Jubilee. Come out and explore different cultures from around the world. CSA, Weekend Life Council, RHA,  along with 11 other organizations will be hosting a dance themed event. The organizations will represent countries along with their dance culture, like USA, Italy, Latin America and India. There will be special performances from each country along with lots of ways to get immersed in their culture.

There will be prizes, food and live music. Come out and learn how to say “I love to dance” in different languages.

Homecoming Brunch and Spirit Swap

October 17th, 11 am – 2 pm

Union Ballroom

Come out and have some fun with RHA and CSA before the Homecoming game!

Bring a T-shirt from another university and SWAP it for a Stony Brook Shirt! That’s right! Get an SBU shirt for FREE just by swapping one from another university! All of the shirts collected will be donated. ****

Have some brunch and play water pong all before the big game!

Collaborators/Contributors: Athletics, USG, Red Watch Band Training
****Limit one shirt per person and while supplies last! Must be another college shirt to be eligible, handmade shirts will not be accepted for the swap.