Executive Board

Meet the 2017-2018 RHA Executive Board

William Kennedy
Major: Biology
Email: William.Kennedy@stonybrook.edu
Contact for: Organizational needs, goals, executive board meetings, administrative communication, meetings, and Spirit, Pride, & Community Involvement Committee.

Will be doing Hall Council rounds in Roth Quad & West Apartments

Senior Vice President
Alyssa Thomas
Major: English and Biology
Email: Alyssa.Thomas@stonybrook.edu
Contact for: General body meeting agendas, presentations, and collaborations.

Will be doing Hall Council Rounds in Kelly Quad

Vice President, Finance
Griffin Favre
Major: Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Economics
Email: Griffin.Favre@stonybrook.edu
Contact for: Hall Council or Residence Hall Association budget inquiries, grant fund requests, allocation processes, Campusvine questions or problems Social Programming Committee.

Will be doing Hall Council Rounds in Roosevelt Quad

Vice President, Administration
Joyce Kim
Major: Sociology
Email: KiSun.Kim@stonybrook.edu
Contact for: Questions about the Residence Hall Association attendance policy, proxy forms, senator feedback forms, RHA social media, and Personal Development Committee.

Will be doing Hall Council Rounds in H Quad & Toll Drive

Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Kitty Liu
Major: Information Systems and Business Management
Email: Kitty.Liu.1@stonybrook.edu
Contact for: Information about the NEACURH, conferences, anything about the region, or if you just want to talk about moose! And about Alumni and Regional Affairs Committee.

Will be doing Hall Council Rounds in Mendelsohn Quad 

Vice President, Hall Council Affairs
Lauren Nelson
Major: Health Science
Email: Lauren.Nelson@stonybrook.edu
Contact for: Help in facilitating success for hall councils, and any questions regarding the fall and spring hall council retreats as well as leadership awards. And Hall Council Affairs Committee.

Will be doing Hall Council Rounds in Tabler Quad

William Taylor
Email: William.L.Taylor@stonybrook.edu

Assistant Coordinator
Marissa Cardinal
Email: Marissa.Cardinal@stonybrook.edu