Give us a call at 631-632-9236 or come visit our office in between O’Neill and Irving in Mendelsohn Quad.

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Executive Board

William Kennedy
Email: William.Kennedy@stonybrook.edu

Senior Vice President
Alyssa Thomas
Email: Alyssa.Thomas@stonybrook.edu

Vice President, Finance
Griffin Favre
Email: Griffin.Favre@stonybrook.edu

Vice President, Administration
Joyce Kim
Email: KiSun.Kim@stonybrook.edu

Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Kitty Liu
Email: Kitty.Liu.1@stonybrook.edu

Vice President, Hall Council Affairs
Lauren Nelson
Email: Lauren.Nelson@stonybrook.edu

William Taylor
Email: William.L.Taylor@stonybrook.edu

Assistant Coordinator
Marissa Cardinal
Email: Marissa.Cardinal@stonybrook.edu

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