General Membership

In order to apply for General Membership you will need to come to three consecutive RHA General Body Meetings. RHA meetings are held in the GLS/HDV Center every Monday at 8:30pm. You can apply for General Membership through the below form.

RHA General Membership Application

Ad-Hoc Applications

All Ad-Hoc Applications will be through the following google form. Ad Hoc are co-chairs to RHA’s internal committees. In order to apply to be an ad-hoc you need to have at least one semester of previous RHA experience. The position is appointed by the executive board and approved by the general body on a semester basis.

Ad-Hoc Application Google Form

After you fill out the google form, you can either send your resume to or upload it to the drive link below. You will also need a letter of recommendation from a campus residences employee in either a sealed envelop to the RHA/NRHH office, or email.

Ad-Hoc Resume Google Drive